How It Works

Brainstorming with a diverse group of people will yield the most interesting solutions to a problem. Writing down the the problem statement will help keep the brainstorming ideas focused and relevant. It’s important not to eliminate or dismiss any wild out of the box ideas even if considered impossible. These out of the box ideas may lead to feasible creative solutions.

Heco Engineering will review the submitted concepts with a fresh set of eyes and industry professionals. Some questions to consider in the review portion are: ¬†What problem does it solve? What’s the current competition? Bottom line, can the product or ideas sell in the current market?

The project team is assembled and the roles are assigned. Clear design, cost, and time goals are listed and daily status reports are scheduled. Heco Engineering uses the latest in product design software to ensure the physical product matches the design intent. At the end of the design process, a design review is performed to ensure the design is robust and it meets the customer requirements.

Build phase is one of the most exciting phases, this is where for the first time the idea comes to life. Using our in house manufacturing capabilities, Heco Engineering is able to quickly produce cost effective prototypes. Our capabilities include 3D printing, CNC machining, welding, and soldering.

The prototypes built in stage four are evaluated to withstand the operating conditions of the product or idea. Customer feedback is collected and implemented through alpha and beta phases. Minor design changes can be made at this change to improve the product. However any major changes will need to start again with the concept phase.

Know your target audience and market the value of the product instead of the specific features of the product or idea. Continually collect customer feedback for the next release. Use modern marketing tools like social media and direct automated marketing strategies to get the product in front of the potential customers.